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Teresa Collett

Teresa Collett, Nominee for U.S. House of Representatives, MN-04

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Teresa Collett is a professor at the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis, MN where she teaches property, bioethics and constitutional law. She and her husband, Bob, have been married over 32 years, and have three adult children and a granddaughter, Lynn.

Teresa Collett is a successful attorney and law professor, having taught and lectured at law schools throughout the country, while also representing numerous public officials in the United States Supreme Court and other federal appellate courts. She also has testified before Congressional committees, as well as numerous state legislative committees.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Teresa and her husband established a successful business that grew from one formalwear store into three retail locations and part of a wholesale operation. Her personal experience as a small business owner informs her views on economic and tax policies.

As a strong fiscal and social conservative, Teresa will work to balance the federal budget and reduce spending. She support limits on government power and will fight to protect the vulnerable through encouraging creation of economic opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners and protection of private associations addressing the needs of local communities and the people who live there.


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